Club Pedestal Sept 2018

So last Thursday was Club Pedestal’s 15th Birthday. Well done guys. Happy Birthday.

I got to London early that day and checked into My hotel room which isn’t far from the club. I also went to the club extra early during set up. Danny and the boys were setting up the dungeon equipment and I got to catch up with Derek. It feels weird being back, I feel like I haven’t even left, but I did and the two an a half years certainly flew.

So later I met up with My favourite, Maid Chloe. She took Me out to a delicious little Vegan restaurant not far from the club. We had a lot to talk about, you can imagine.

After our yummy meal we walked back to the hotel. Chloe had a few glasses of wine and was walking a little wobbly. She is very nervous about tonight. Last time she was with Me at Pedestal I was performing on stage and I had her with Me. That really freaked her out but I also think it got her out of her little bubble, and now look at her! She certainly has grown up. Here are a couple of photos from the night.

IMG_E8257 maid chloe property of domina v

The New Look Maid Chloe

IMG_E8260 black and white domina v logo

New Look?…Maybe

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