Club DARK Brighton Saturday 15-11-14

Okay so where did November come from?  I’m still celebrating my birthday and that was in September.
So yes, time sure does fly by when you’re having fun, and they also forgot to mention, when you’re overly busy and hectic…So I say…..lets all slow down because, its nearly Christmas….can you believe that?
Well, my hand is slowly healing…..and I mean slowly healing, though it still hurts when I grip things, so I’ve had to use the good old left hand and so far so good she has not let me down…….Her spanking skills are fantastic, and she has even mastered the art of ”left hand caning”.
My diary tells me that next week I will have a hand full of sissies walking through the door and I think they will also be walking  away with very sore bottoms. I cannot wait. 
Tomorrow is my last day in London before I head back to Brighton and ready for a busy week which will start the weekend with Club DARK Brighton. I’m really looking forward to it as its our first birthday and I’m so looking forward to meeting a few new faces. One thing that I’m NOT looking forward to is the cold, I know I know…what can I say….I’m not very good when it comes to the cold, you would  think that my little wee bones would be used to it after living here for almost 7 years.
If you would like to know more about Club DARK Brighton you can read all about it on our Face book page or Fetlife.

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