Chloe returns to the dungeon

Last Sunday Chloe came over for a visit. I hadn’t seen her for a while as she was away on a business trip and then away on a holiday. So we sat out the back in my private garden drinking our tea when she started to talk about how much she loved her first dungeon experience. I told her that I enjoyed it as well and that it would be great to see her in the dungeon again. This put a huge smile on her face as she was trying hard to control her excitement. Actually, she didn’t know it yet but I had already organised a special treat for her later in the afternoon.
After we had our lunch I told her that we were going shopping as she hasn’t really seen Brighton yet and I wanted to show her around..It was a beautiful sunny day and perfect to be sitting outside sipping on a cool refreshment. We didn’t get to walk around to much as her poor feet were starting to hurt. I did warn her about wearing those shoes but she insisted that she wanted to wear them.  So I suggested we go somewhere where she can take her shoes of and relax. Chloe had no idea what I had planned.
So I called  a cab and on our way we went. You should have seen the look on her face when we pulled out in front of the dungeon…Priceless….She soon forgot about her sore aching feet and she quickly put her shoes back on and followed me downstairs.
Would you like to know what we got up too? Of course you do…..well you’ll just have to wait for the footage to be released……in the meantime ….I will leave it to your imagination……

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