Busy week ahead July 2014

July 31st 2014

I am looking forward to Monday where I will have two new novices entering the dungeon. Not together of course, but close enough. Will they pull through ? will they panic and cry like a baby, or will they give and show me total submission. Tuesday looks like its going to be a full on day. My favourite Helena Bastinado is coming back for yet another round of foot torture, So stay tuned for a brand new video of our session. Followed by two more new comers…….and during all this my maid Christine will be there for her maid training . Why you asked? because she really needs it..She needs to learn how to obey her mistress and not talk back. She will learn how to behave and if not then it will be pants down and over the bench with her bare bottom facing up ready for my hand. Oh and don’t forget to pic up your copy of the Sunday Telegraph this Sunday 13th and read my interview.

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