Blonde Emmas last Visit

Okay so on the weekend my wee back decides that it wants to give me some pain…here we go…So it seems I’ve pulled a muscle and sadly I’ve had to cancel my appointment with Brianna. But she’s cool, I will be seeing her next weekend  for our very last time together before I leave. So my Halloween was spent with  Mr deep-heat and the hot water bottle on my back. I found  some good use for one of my very old corsets, actually it was my very first corset & it helped keep the hot water bottle in place. Yes I know what you’re  thinking. Shouldn’t  I be laying down taking it easy with water bottle on my back? Yeah right, I tried that, honest. But with this move there is still so much that I want to do. Though I did get into the Halloween spirit and eventually laid down and watched my favourite horror movie or two, actually I did get to watch a few. 
So thank goddess the next day I was able to conduct my next session. I would have been so disappoint if I had to cancel this one as well. I was still in pain but that was okay as I had other things to worry about like forgetting I had left my next sessions blonde wig at home. Oh boy oh boy!….Can you imagine?… Normally this would never happen, but as I am moving to another country and most of my things are packed silly me forgot to not include it with the rest of the packing.
But never fear, because when you live in a city like Brighton you’re bound to find that missing wig. Though I have to say that it wasn’t the best of quality but hey, beggars cant be choosers and it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.. So what do you think? I think Blonde Emma was very happy and I thought I would join her so I got two instead.
It was a real fun and interesting day, like they say, Blondes have the best fun right?  I only just met Blonde Emma (she had a different name) about a month ago and she wanted to see me again for the last time in the UK.
Last time we had a little chat and she mentioned that she’s always wanted to try the dungeon. Well the dungeon is exactly what she got. We did a couple of outfit changes and took some photos. I could see Blonde Emma was having way too much fun posing for the camera. But I soon fixed that. I gagged her and tied her to the chair and left her there while I got myself ready and changed into something a little more comfortable. After taking some photos I untied her and over to the spanking bench it was. I made sure the ropes were on tight enough as I noticed she was trying to escape. I asked her a few questions and I could see that she was really getting worried. 

It was a little hard to see her face as her long blonde hair was covering her beautiful eyes, but I knew and felt that she was concerned for what I was about to do next. I was very glad that she was feeling this way, it was my intention after all. I simply enjoyed the Mind Control I had over her and here she was thinking that it was going to be all Fluffy Girlie stuff, but if you are going to ask for the dungeon then be ready for the unexpected. 

I eventually untied her and she gave a sigh of relief while looking over at the butt plugs and large dildos I had prepared earlier.  It was a pity that our time together was almost over as I was So looking forward to using my toys on her cute virginal mangina. But I did give her a sore red bottom to remember me by.

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