Blog Post November 2016

Gday Gday Gday dear reader. Now where do I start? Okay, Firstly I would like to say thank you to those of you who have either emailed me or messaged me via social media. Yes I did have my blog on private for a little while but it was due to technical reasons and nothing else. So No, I have not disappeared, I am still here and I don’t intend on going anywhere….well not yet anyway.
On the 23rd of November it will be exactly 1 year since I left the UK. This year has flown by so fast. It has defiantly been a very interesting journey. I have to say I am a little disappointed with a few things…mainly people, but it’s okay, I can accept the way things are. I don’t take negativity on board and I always move on to things that feel right and make me happy, that’s all that matters to me. This past 12 months have been pretty tough and I sure as hell didn’t expect a smooth ride, after all I have been away for 8 years and I know I have changed, that’s for sure. Sydney has changed, but it’s still a beautiful city and I am so happy to be back but I don’t think it’s holding my attention like it use. I guess its true when they say that travelling can really change you…that is so true.
The weather here in Sydney is  all over the place but it’s nice and sunny and its starting to get hot, just the way I like it. I am heading up to Queensland in December for my last 2016 tour. So if you didn’t get the chance to meet me on my last tour then now is your chance.

I am really looking forward to 2017 as it will be YEAR OF THE ROOSTER …yep that’s me.

Okay, well I think that’s about all for this months post. I will finish here with a selection of  photos for those of you who have missed out.
The View from Balmain

I really enjoy my daily walks around the Bay with good Mate

The Super Moon from My backyard

Resting in the park after a great workout at my gym

My favourite Doc Martin boots from Camden Town UK

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Always keeping my feet warm

Hmmmmm Really?

That’s All for now…Thanks for reading

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