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11-03-18Gday dear reader, follower and to all my subscribers. Well it’s the end of March and time for my blog post. Did this month go really fast for you? It did for me. To be honest March has never been a favourite month for me, maybe Easter has something to do with it. I don’t celebrate Easter, it’s all a load of crap if you ask me. It’s just another dumb ass excuse to spend money on chocolate Easter eggs to give to your kids, which is all full of sugar and preservatives. Then there’s the Easter bunny and lying to your children telling them that he brings Easter eggs if you’re a good boy or girl. So apparently Easter eggs represent Jesus resurrection, in case you didn’t know that, oh and not only is it Easter, it’s also April fools day and the end of our daylight saving. So there you go… Now moving on to much more interesting stuff.

At the end of last month I went for a little audition for a well known Aussie television (tell-lies-to-your-vision) drama series. 28-02-18 ready for audition Though I didn’t get it as they said I had to many visible tattoos.. Oh well. Then my agent calls me up saying I have an audition for a meat commercial…Naturally I turned it down because I am a proud Vegan and the thought of promoting meat just makes My stomach do funny things.

I think I might need a new agent as they obviously don’t give a shit which castings they send you out to. All they have to do is read my file to see if I’m compatible to what their clients are looking for, never mind.

This month I was busy transferring all my old website content from to my new site, which is still not published. I’ve still got lots to do, so be patient, I’m slowly getting there.

maid candyMaid Candy came over to be used and violated. Though she has been sacked as my house maid once I saw that she was no good to me as a cleaner. Her new name is slut Candy and that’s all she’ll ever be from now on.  She really seems to enjoy the glory hole so this time it was her turn to have her rather large clitty sucked on by another house slut.

On her next visit I will transform her into a cock sucking whore, because clearly that’s all she is good for, but you never know she might surprise me by asking if she can do the house cleaning, but I doubt that very much.

I have started a new class doing boxing. I’m really enjoying it as I get to train with the big boys, yes I’m the only female in the class.ready for my wrestling and boxing client Do they know what I do? don’t be silly…Then a week later I had a client come in who wanted a boxing and wrestling session, lucky me I got to practice on him. I keep getting request for clients wanting wrestling sessions, and I’ve always said no because physically I don’t think I’m strong enough and also I do have back problems and I didn’t want to make it worse, but will see how I’m feeling in a few months time and if I feel that physically I’m strong enough then maybe I’ll offer these type of sessions, but will see.

I’ve been adding clips to My YouTube channel talking about My boxing experience. So come and join Me at

boxing lessons

Another returning client came by. Her name is Marina. We did a couple of costume changes. Marina is a big fan of the secretarial look, she loves to wear satin blouses and skirts. Once she is fully transformed she really gets into the role. She even performed a little pole dance for me before I got her to suck on my strap-on. We made a little short video which will be uploaded to my new Clips and Pics members site.marina cross dresser

Here’s a little teaser of her performance.

marina screenshots gif 2

Today it’s 27 degrees, and it’s only 11 am. I’m really enjoying this hot weather, I know many of you can’t stand the heat and I understand why if you’re one of those who eat junk food and do not exercise.  The warm weather is great for your health, there is vitamin D from the sun to keep your bones strong and healthy, I find Im more motivated when the sun is out, I’m not one to sit and sunbake. I would rather go for a jog or long walks by the seaside.

So on the 20th of March I have been here for 3 months,Wollongong that is. I am so happy to be living here. I have meet some really cool clients and I have made some new friends.

Living by the seaside is awesome. I am so grateful to be here and to have some amazing people around me. My health has improved, my mental state is in a better place and no more noisy planes flying over My house.

Before I moved here I met up with a friend of mine and we met up at a wholefoods cafe in Wollongong called Lettuce B Frank. If you’re ever in the area you should give them a try. Check out their facebook page

This month I found some really cool books from the street library, these are the ones that I finished reading this month.
GETTY The richest man in the world, a great read though at times I felt like skipping a few pages as I really had no interest in reading parts about the oil industry, but overall it was a good book.

THE SHADOW OF HIS WINGS, a true story about  a young German seminarian who started his priestly studies and found himself part of Hitlers SS during world war 2. This book had me in tears and I highly recommend it.

A LIFE BY DESIGN, A true story about the life and times of a very talented and fascinating woman, Florence Broadhurst. It didn’t take me long to read this book, I didn’t want to put it down.

Now to finish of this blog post I want to share with you some pics I had done inside My little salon. My fetish haircut services have gone crazy and has kept me busy, so I’m really happy the way it’s turned out, and yes I also do normal hair cuts if fetish isn’t your thing.vee barberette gif 2

I’m still waiting for a few things to be delivered and I still have some shelves that need to be built but its all coming along nicely.
vee barberette gif 3

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