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Wow, I cannot  believe its August already…..Well I thought I would check in and let you all know that I have decided to bring back my Blog. Many of you who have followed my blogs in the past  will know that I’ve had a love hate relationship with them. Last November I decided to stay away from the blogs and just keep my diary page….But Ive had so many request from people asking me if I would ever consider bringing  it back….Well, seeing as you really really really want to stay updated with all that goes on in my private little life  (yeah right)….I have decided to listen to my followers….after all…..its all for you….So, right now I have my blog slave working away , adding all my old blog posts…..yes, there is a lot…..Hopefully it will be completed in the next couple of days…..So for now….hold on tight…..and don’t forget to sign up via email so you don’t miss out on all my updates and latest blog post.  

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