Back from Queensland

Well here I am back in Sydney from my short little trip to Brisbane and Byron Bay.
I had a nice relaxing time and I managed to squeeze in a couple of sessions in Brisbane.
My first day I was taken out to lunch to a restaurant called Seaduction where I managed an 8 course meal, don’t ask me how I managed that, but thankfully they were little servings. The food was Devine and the service was pretty good to. I did take some photos to show you all. (oops I accidentally deleted them from my phone…oh well) But I did manage to find this one.

After, what felt like the longest lunch Ive ever had in my life, I was taken to my hotel at The Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove. I stayed a couple of nights and I have to say that I’m glad it wasn’t peak season. This beautiful hotel is so big and I can imagine how busy it would be during summer. Here are a few shots from my visit.

This looked really tempting but it was too chilly for me.
Just waiting for the sun to appear


My Balcony View
Mamma Roo and her Joeys
Caught someone taking a photo of me so I turned my camera on them
This was waiting for me in my room
I even got my very own DVD label bath towels
It was time to unwind and not be disturbed
JM made me a Rose Petal Milk Bath
The next morning  I was pretty hungry and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into the Cove Cafe. Such a wonderful selection of food…..Don’t you just luv all you can eat buffets.
Sadly I didn’t get to eat everything I wanted as my wee little belly just couldn’t take anymore. So I was nice and full for my next journey though before leaving I caught up with a friend of mine for lunch at SONO Japanese restaurant.
Turning Japanese with my friend Maeve
I didn’t manage to eat all mine. I was still too full from Breakfast
 Time to hit the road and letting Slave JM put my shoes on
Slave JM attempting to put my shoes back on
My next trip was to Byron Bay. A lovely little town where I have fond memories of. It was a just what I needed, a little time away from Sydney and boy, it sure did the trick.
Driven to Byron Bay…are we there yet?
Here I am thinking that it was going to be a healthy weekend…yeah right!
Yep….Lucky 13



Bath Time while I wait for my Vegan dinner to arrive
Breakfast time


Always happy when the sun is shining



My second book while away


All Goddesses should get there feet massaged on the beach
And he wasn’t bad either

I took this photo of the heated pool at around 4am….yes I was up that early


Thanks for reading

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  1. What a great blog of Your trip to Brissie/Byron I had never met Domina V before and to my delight was permitted a long warm welcoming hug from Her at the Gold Coast airport , followed by more traditional kiss of the back of Goddess's hand.I had the time of my life in Domina V's company and it was such an honour to treat Her as the world class Dominatix that She surely is.I had never quite met a Mistress like Her before and I feel fortunate that She has come back to Australia and I discovered Her almost by accidentJ M

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