Back from holidays Aug 2015

So I’m back from my relaxing time away , I sooooo needed it. The jet lag still hasn’t left me but I’m making the most of the graveyard shift I seem to be on. Since I’ve been back I have been clearing out a lot of stuff that I no longer need and I have been giving it all away to my favourite children’s charity. A friend of mine asked me why don’t I just sell all my things, she seems to think I could make so much from it all, but I really don’t care. I would prefer to give it all away. If I don’t need it then I know someone else will make good use of it. So I’m really happy that I’ve had some time to clear stuff.

The next 3 months there will be some wonderful major changes, I cannot wait , and for now I need to make most out of this UK summer, well what’s left of it.

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