August blog post 2020

It’s the end of August 2020 and I can already sense the hint of Spring in the air. I’m so excited for summer to finally arrive. Just got my electricity bill and, man, it’s sky-high. Gotta figure out a way to tackle that for the next winter.

Anyway what have I been up to…

Gallery Page

After careful consideration, I have concluded that the most suitable option for showcasing my old photos is to create a gallery page on the website. To enhance user experience, I have included the year of each photo and assigned them individual names for easy navigation. Although there are still numerous photos awaiting upload, finding the time to complete this task remains a challenge. Please visit the page to witness the extensive collection. . CLICK HERE

New rates

I would like to notify you that there have been modifications to my session rates. As of now, a one-hour session is priced at $250, and sessions are tailored in accordance with their content. Additionally, I have recently introduced 30-minute and 45-minute sessions. For further details, I kindly request you to refer to the sessions page on my website.

New fan Site

I have made the decision to discontinue my Cocoscope clip site and transition to a new platform called Loyal fans. Going forward, Loyal fans will be the primary platform where I share my content. Additionally, I will also maintain my Clips4sale store, which will feature long session videos.

You can View My Fan page at:

And last but not least

September is My birthday month if you would like purchase me a gift that would be awesome. Just head over to My wishlist page at:

If you are interested in acquiring the perfume I wear, please note that it is exclusively available from abroad. Kindly reach out to me if you wish to make a purchase on my behalf.

Alternatively a cash Tribute would be much appreciated and I could put it towards paying off this electricity bill. grrrrrr. Please contact Me for payment details.

Well that’s all for now. I hope you’re safe, happy and healthy. Till next blog post.

be good

Dominatrix V

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