APRIL 2016 Latest Update

Well lets see what can I write about today..well besides the fact that I’m still waiting for all my stuff to arrive from quarantine, yes still haven’t received anything, but that’s okay I’m still catching up on things and I’m always busy doing something. Though I do have a couple of days off to recharge my batteries and have been getting the garage ready for my stuff to arrive.

I’ve noticed that a lot of the more experienced and hardcore players tend to visit me during night time. I wonder why that is? I’m so use to conducting sessions during the day,
which was the  routine that I had when I was living in the UK. Now all of a sudden my wee body clock is trying to get use to the Aussie time zone.

So as my body slowly gets use to the late night hours I’m really just going with the flow at the moment. Just trying new ways and different avenues….You know what I mean right?

I’m enjoying my time back at The Kastle….and of course they are all new Mistresses and most of them are very young. It feels odd being the Head Domina of the House but I’m really enjoying my time there and everyone is lovely.

Mistress Astrid, Domina V and Mistress Piper at The Kastle Sydney

I’m still not feeling like I’ve settled yet, its been 3 months already since I arrived from abroad and yes it has flown by so quickly. I have really enjoyed the Aussie summer and now it’s starting to get cold reminding me of how much I hated the winter months in the UK….Lets see how I go this winter.

till next post
be good now

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