Latest Update July 2023

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. It’s winter here in Sydney, and it’s the perfect time for me to update my website. I’ve been busy working on my blog posts, fixing broken links, and adding pictures. The reason for the broken links is that I transferred all the old blog posts from my Fluffy Boudoir website. Additionally, some posts have links that redirect to my old Loyal fans page, which I closed down a few months ago.

I’m currently exploring other options for uploading my clips, as I don’t want to use another platform like Loyal fans that takes a percentage of my earnings. I’ve also reduced my presence on social media, and for now, I’m only active on Twitter, where my profile is set to private.

Thank you all for your support, and I’ll keep you updated on any changes or new content on my website

New Content Just Uploaded

Hi there. I’ve just uploaded new content to My Loyal Fans. Here’s a sneak peek.

If you like what you see or you would like to see more, then today is your special day because I am giving you 7 days FREE access to My Loyal Fans page.

Go and check it out and see what you’re missing out on. This offer is only for My blog followers and expires in 14 days from today. (5th Oct)


Sissy Alana bisexual training
Natalia B feet punishment
Mike gets Feminized

Fetish Haircut- Hand and hairbrush spanking on bare bottom

A new client walked into my barbershop looking like he really needed a haircut. I motioned for him to take a seat in the barber chair and started brushing his hair while we chatted about the style he wanted. When I asked him to follow me, he gave me this confused look, like he didn’t understand. So, I told him to get up and he quickly hopped out of the chair to follow me. I sat down in one of my old chairs and told him to pull his pants down. He looked shocked and said, “Wait, I came here for a haircut!” I reassured him, saying, “Don’t worry, my dear, you’re getting a haircut. But first, I need to give your bottom a little punishment.” His face turned red and it was clear he felt embarrassed. I made sure to hold him firmly over my knees, just in case he tried to escape. I warmed up his bare bottom with a good hand spanking, but my hand was starting to hurt. Luckily, I had prepared beforehand and had two of my favorite hair brushes hidden under the chair.

His bottom slowly turns pink and then a nice shade of red. I’m happy with how it looks…for now. I give him a good haircut, short on the sides and back with a number four clipper, and leave it longer on top. His hair is really fine and straight, so I don’t want to cut too much on top or it’ll stick up. Once I’m done with the haircut, I lean the chair back and tell him to relax. I place a warm towel that smells like Eucalyptus and myrtle on his face and let him know that next time I’ll give him a nice, close shave. He tells me he’s never had one before and is really excited about it.

I finish the style with some hair wax, he is very happy and tells me that he will definitely be back. I take the cape off him and he gets up thinking that it’s all over but there was one more thing that I needed to check.

Pull down your pants I instructed him. This time without hesitation he pulls them down. I needed to make sure that the redness on his bare bottom was even. I wasn’t satisfied so I tell him to bend over My knees again. I grab My favourite pink Denman hairbrush and gave him a nice warm spanking.

“Okay you can go now” I give him a hug for being a good boy and sent him off to work.